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I am dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to feel better about themselves and impact positively on those around them.

It is my mission to provide people with tools that give each individual control over their emotions and and the ability to choose the appropriate emotion when desired through the use of my innovative products and techniques that have been developed from proven technologies used by hypnotherapists, psychologists and personal trainers to achieve better outcomes for all.

I see an optimistic, happy and healthy world for all where people can interact and quickly achieve to potential and achieve a desired state of mind at will through the use of  Hypnosis and accelerated learning techniques to rapidly effect great and positive changes in my clients and and indirectly other peoples lives.

About Me

Hypnosis has helped me many times in my life to overcome obstacles that were highly challenging.  These included recovery from injury and my mental approach to being resilient and choosing a positive attitude and outlook to developing improved social skills to physical health and most recently to significant weight loss.   I know from my own experience that hypnosis and particularly self-hypnosis works and acts as a magnificent catalyst to change and helped me turn some of my dreams into reality by guiding my subconscious to make better decisions in line with my goals.

My motivation is driven by the ideal of helping others achieve their potential using hypnosis and help change lives of individuals and those they influence.
I provide change management assistance and services to individuals and to people in businesses together with business management and consulting advice.

As the founder of Anchor Rock Hypnosis I became deeply interested in perception and personal mind control techniques over twenty years ago.

My interest in hypnosis goes back more than 50 years when I saw the great Australian hypnotist Franquin perform in Sydney.

This interest has been applied to business consulting work helping small business people overcome belief and attitudinal obstacles to business success.

This led me to recognise hypnosis is a powerful tool for change for anyone who wants to accelerate change in their life and not just those of us who had discovered the joys of hypnosis in our life journey.

Areas of Help

For emotional control I prepare relaxation and suggestive hypnotic scripts to help people become adept at choosing the right mood for the situation. I help people adopt anchors for emotions that work for them and provide the ways to enable them to access those anchors with appropriate triggers.


Stress relief takes the emotional control work to a higher level and strong anchors are established that can be triggered when needed.

My clients also find their own special place to retreat to, at will, which enables them to gain a rapid mental and physical refreshment whenever they want it.


My Anchor Rocks are fantastic anchors to use as a trigger and can be carried around with you or even worn as jewellery.  It’s a personal choice to have that physical anchor that some, including me, prefer to have than an anchor on their body.  I use body anchors too but my Anchor Rocks go with me everywhere and with just a touch I become positive, happy and motivated to carry out the task at hand.
Quit Smoking with hypnosis with great success rates.  My program is designed to provide the maximum benefit and prior to the hypnosis session links between activities and emotional drivers are identified so that the hypnosis session is scripted to be properly targeted.
Modern hypnosis can be delivered flexibly. This work can be carried out on a 1:1 basis for best results, in group sessions, over the phone, by recording or even correspondence. The choice is yours.
I have a question for you –

Are you ready to change your life for the better for the rest of your life?

If you answered Yes then contact me today and get started right away.

Anchor Rock Hypnosis is the name of my hypnosis practice.

If you are looking for a hypnotist to assist with non-medical issues you can find me in Logan City, Queensland and I service clients between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Just call me for an appointment – 0411 87 5050.   If you are outside this area then please use the Contact page to touch base with me and we can take it from there.  Internet sessions can be conducted over skype or messenger if we have a decent internet connection.

About Anchor Rock Hypnosis


Anchor – something that gives steadiness, esp. of the mind(a) is a term used by hypnotherapists to attach states to physical phenomena like knuckles or shoulders or to sounds or even tastes. Anchoring is a powerful tool and was initially studied and described by Pavlov in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Anchor also conveys the strong sense of holding something large in position and so is a strong word.

Rock – 1) large mass of stone; something suggesting a rock, esp as a foundation or support; 2) to move or sway powerfully with emotion(a) conveys the sense of permanence and strength and brings to mind the phrase solid as a rock and that emotions are a powerful motivator governed by our thoughts.

(Source:  The Pocket Macquarie Dictionary)

Anchor Rock – These two words aptly convey the anchored and rock solid outcomes I desire for my clients.
As my client I want you to have strong and lasting changes in your behaviour to enable you to live the life you desire.

That name Anchor Rock Hypnosis is a constant reminder to me to hold strongly to the above elements in my daily life and practice o9f hypnosis.

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