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The power of visualization is maximised with guided imagery. Original by osc on Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Visualization is Imagination Put To Use

Visualization is simply using your imagination or creating in your mind a vision of an object, an event or a concept.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein

Imagination is a key element in learning as a child and many children play in a world filled with imaginary characters and visualised scenery that bears little resemblance to the park or backyard in which they are playing.

As adults we have been conditioned to fit the mould that society has determined is right for us and not to dare use our imaginations and seek to find a better place in this world.  I fear that an individual with a productive imagination is seen by governments as a threat to good order (as they see it).

I have placed in the resources area a page that will open the doors to guided imagery for you –Visualization  and you may also like to read Self Talk which looks at how you can manage your internal dialogue and turn negative thoughts into positives.

 Why is Visualization important?

If you have ever set a Goal or wanted to improve something in your life then Visualization is a key to achievement of that goal.


By preparing a great visual representation of the goal you are showing yourself that it can be achieved.  With modern Goal setting techniques like SMARTIE and CREATE and actively embedding your goal into your future memory the chances of achievement are enormously increased.  These tools create a subconscious power that will drive you toward that goal.


Just a refresher for the Goal setting models

S – Succinct
M – Measurable
A – Affect must be emotionally positive, Accessible and As now
R – Realistic
T – Time framed and in the Present
I –  Individual focus on me, I am responsible,
E – Ecological and has Evidence


C –  Concise, to the point
R –  Realistic and achievable
E –  Ecological
A –  Assessable (measurable), Accessible
T –  Time framed and in Present tense
E –  Evidence of achievement

To truly set your goals you should use the future time locking processes that Chris teaches call 0411875050 and there is a contact link at the bottom of this post.

What can you do with Visualisation?

Use it to improve something in your life.  If you wish for something you are in some respects using visualization but at a very low level.

If you are really committed to getting a result you need to ensure your subconscious mind is on the same path as your conscious mind.

Guided Imagery through Visualization is a great way to instruct your subconscious mind to get to work on delivering the result you want.

To make it powerful your could prepare a story board, just like a Director would do for a movie.

Put together your story and prime your mind for all the emotions you expect to experience, everything your expect to see and hear, feel smell and taste as you achieve your goal.   Work through this so that is a veritable feast of emotion and sensation which you can enjoy in a trance state that you will self induce.

How to visualise

  • Enter a state of self hypnotic trance
  • Once in your trance you should ensure that you have set your time limit, (20 minutes is usually more than enough), and instructed yourself that if for any reason your session needs to be interrupted that you will instantly awaken and address the issue.
  • Take a few minutes for peaceful relaxation and replenishment
  • Run your guided imagery story several times and view it from associated and dissociated states.
  • While associated ensure you have full awareness of all sensory input see, hear, feel, smell and taste
  • While dissociated, where you are an observer, look for things you can correct be your own coach.
  • Spend a couple of minutes again in peaceful quiet relaxation in your private place
  • Return to your surroundings by counting from 1 to 5  becoming more in touch with your surroundings with each number.
  • On 5 you’ll be wide awake and feeling energetic, refreshed and more confident.

Any questions then Contact Chris  and discover more about Guided Imagery and Visualization and why it is the most wonderful self hypnosis tool to have in your skill-set.

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