Anchor Rock Hypnosis is owned and operated by Chris Stanton-Cook who has been a practitioner of hypnosis since the mid 1980’s.

Chris has formal training in hypnosis with the Tad James Co and has engaged in continuous development of skills in this area from programs provided by Uncommon Knowledge, Stephen Brooks, Dr Richard Nongard, Steven G Jones and is currently studying programs delivered by Igor Lechodowski.

As a life coach Chris has completed and been certified in the programs of the Global Success Academy. This academy is one of Australia’s leading mindset and life coaching training entities. The academy was founded by Paul Blackburn who is a highly regarded coach and mentor.

Chris also is an avid reader and researcher of hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP). He is a passionate student of the subject of human behaviour and cares deeply about the levels of stress seen in our society.