This practice does not engage in medical hypnotherapy except with the written consent and supervision of a suitably qualified medical advisor. If you have a medical or psychiatric condition please seek advice from your doctor or psychologist prior to considering hypnosis. Clients may be requested to provide a medical clearance for specific issues where there is an underlying medical or psychiatric condition.

Specialist areas

General hypnosis

  • Weight management
  • Anger Management
  • Self confidence and Self Esteem
  • Career and Academic performance
  • Fear management

Other areas on request and if I believe we can work well to achieve your goals

Stop Smoking

My aim is to have you completely disinterested in smoking, neither having a desire to smoke or consciously being a non smoker. The post hypnosis goal is to have you see yourself as a person who smoked at some stage in their life but for who smoking just isn’t an issue.

I want you to be comfortable around smokers and others who do not smoke. I work to ensure you do not suffer, what I call, ” reformed smoker syndrome” which can lead to negative social consequences.

Below is an outline of the elements of the program –

  1. Preparatory material is to be completed prior to our meeting.
  2. An initial session covering administration, an explanation of the hypnotic process, the hypnosis and a post hypnosis conversation.
    This session is usually 2 hours but can run for up to 3 hours.
  3. A recorded session to be used daily for the week after hypnosis and every 2nd or 3rd day for the next three weeks.
  4. I am available for telephone or online appointments if you have any queries or issues after hypnosis.
  5. In the event a second session is required that will be provided at no additional cost, within 6 months of the initial hypnosis.
  6. This process requires your commitment to complete all sessions requested by me.
  7. Full payment for the program is required at the commencement of our meeting – this ensures you get the best result from your hypnosis as it allows you time after hypnosis to process the session and return to daily life.
  8. You recommend you allow at an hour after hypnosis for relaxation and before engaging in any significant activity like driving or operating machinery.

Fee for the Stop Smoking Program – $365
Set until 30 June 2021

Sports performance

Tailored programs for sportspeople to improve personal best performances and gain a winning edge. Participation is only granted after an assessment interview to ensure a mutually beneficial result is the most likely outcome.

Mindset is frequently the difference between achieving potential or not and I work to overcome any mindset blockages and to help clients understand their optimal performance stress level. To little or too much stress will cause a poor performance.

These programs, usually for elite and higher level athletes, are an ongoing program mixing mindset coaching and hypnosis. Initial session, covering plan development and hypnosis is $365 with subsequent hourly sessions at $135. In addition participants are provided with complimentary self hypnosis recordings. (Fees current to 30 June 2021).

Money management

Details coming soon

Emotional Intelligence

Details coming soon