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Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis works to help us in so many ways. At Anchor Rock Hypnosis all clients are treated to tailored hypnotic sessions to meet their particular needs and personalities. In addition I teach how to use self-hypnosis and this enables clients to consolidate and maintain their changes. If you are looking to drop some bad habits, shed some weight, stop smoking, fly calmly, be more confident and so much more then hypnosis could be the answer for you.

This practice does not engage in medical hypnotherapy except with the written consent and supervision of a suitably qualified medical advisor. If you have a medical or psychiatric condition, please seek advice from your doctor or psychologist prior to considering hypnosis. Clients may be requested to provide a medical clearance for specific issues where there is an underlying medical or psychiatric condition.

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If you want to discover and demystify hypnosis read about the main misconceptions people have about this wonderful and amazing tool – Hypnosis Demystified Click Here

Specialist areas

General hypnosis

  • Other areas on request and if I believe we can work well to achieve your goals

Stop Smoking

My aim is to have you completely disinterested in smoking, neither having a desire to smoke or consciously being a non-smoker. The post hypnosis goal is to have you see yourself as a person who smoked at some stage in their life but for whom smoking just isn’t an issue.

I want you to be comfortable around smokers and others who do not smoke. I work to ensure you do not suffer, what I call, “reformed smoker syndrome” which can lead to negative social consequences.

Below is an outline of the elements of the program –

  1. Preparatory material is to be completed prior to our meeting.
  2. An initial session covering administration, an explanation of the hypnotic process, the hypnosis and a post hypnosis conversation. This session is usually 2 hours but can run for up to 3 hours.
  3. A recorded session to be used daily for the week after hypnosis and every 2nd or 3rd day for the next three weeks.
  4. I am available for telephone or online appointments if you have any queries or issues after hypnosis.
  5. In the event a second session is required that will be provided at no additional cost, within 6 months of the initial hypnosis.
  6. This process requires your commitment to complete all sessions requested by me.
  7. Full payment for the program is required at the commencement of our meeting – this ensures you get the best result from your hypnosis as it allows you time after hypnosis to process the session and return to daily life.
  8. I recommend you allow at least an hour after hypnosis for relaxation and before engaging in any significant activity like driving or operating machinery.

Sports performance

Tailored programs for sportspeople to improve personal best performances and gain a winning edge. Participation is only granted after an assessment interview to ensure a mutually beneficial result is the most likely outcome.
Mindset is frequently the difference between achieving potential or not and I work to overcome any mindset blockages and to help clients understand their optimal performance stress level. Too little or too much stress will cause a poor performance.

These programs, usually for elite and higher-level athletes, are an ongoing program mixing mindset coaching and hypnosis. Initial session, covering plan development and hypnosis is $495 with subsequent hourly sessions at $165. In addition, participants are provided with complimentary self-hypnosis recordings. (Fees current to 30 June 2023).


Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in helping individuals manage fear. By inducing a relaxed and trance-like state, hypnosis allows the individual to tap into their subconscious mind and access new perspectives and coping mechanisms. Through hypnosis, individuals can reframe their thoughts and beliefs about the source of their fear, reducing the intensity of their fear response. Additionally, hypnosis can help individuals gain a sense of control over their fear, empowering them to confront their fears with confidence and resilience. Overall, hypnosis offers a non-invasive and safe approach to managing fear, allowing individuals to lead more fulfilling and confident lives.

Chris has been trained by Paul Blackburn and certified as a Master of Fear Eradication by the Global Success Academy, now Quantum Orange. He can offer coaching services in this area to help clients fully understand fear and how to manage it. This coaching is part of his Life Coaching curriculum and is a life changing program.

Fear is a fundamental emotion that has been crucial to the survival of human beings throughout history. It is a complex feeling that is often accompanied by anxiety, worry, and apprehension. Fear is a response to perceived danger, real or imagined, and is triggered by a wide range of stimuli, including physical threats, social situations, and even our own thoughts. While fear can be a healthy and adaptive response, it can also be overwhelming and debilitating, leading to avoidance behavior and a diminished quality of life.
One of the key aspects of fear is that it is imagined and often focused on the future. We often worry about things that might happen, rather than events that are happening in the present. This can lead to a pattern of rumination and catastrophizing, where we create elaborate scenarios in our minds about all the ways that things could go wrong. This is particularly true of anxiety disorders, where the imagined fears can be so intense that they disrupt daily life.
The reality is that our fears are often unfounded and rarely turn out as we imagine. When we face our fears, we often find that the situation is not as bad as we thought it would be. This is because our fears are based on assumptions and projections, rather than on actual experience. Our minds are wired to look for danger and to anticipate negative outcomes, but this can lead to an overestimation of risk and an underestimation of our own abilities to cope.

One of the ways that we can overcome our fears is through exposure therapy, where we gradually confront the things that scare us in a safe and controlled environment. This helps to desensitize us to the triggers that cause fear and anxiety, and to build confidence in our ability to handle difficult situations. Another approach is to practice mindfulness, where we learn to observe our thoughts and emotions without judgment, and to focus on the present moment rather than worrying about the future.
In conclusion, fear is a complex and multifaceted emotion that is a natural and adaptive response to perceived danger. While fear can be useful in keeping us safe, it can also be overwhelming and debilitating when it becomes excessive or irrational. Our fears are often imagined and focused on the future, and rarely turn out as we expect. By confronting our fears and challenging our assumptions, we can learn to manage our anxiety and live more fulfilling lives.

Fear of Flying

The fear of flying, or aviophobia, can be a difficult condition to control. Hypnotherapy is suggested to overcome this fear and develop calming strategies that can be called upon when needed. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness and can be used to mentally rehearse scenarios related to flying, helping individuals regain a sense of control.

Fear is not just a mental state, but also a physical one, and hypnotherapy can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can bring the body in a state of calmness. Anchoring a calm emotional state for flying allows you to recall your desired calm state for a relaxed flight just when you need it.

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Weight Management

Anchor Rock Hypnosis is a hypnotherapy practice that has a strong focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and nutrition.
The ARH approach to weight management through hypnosis includes working with clients to identify and address unhealthy eating habits and to develop strategies for making healthier choices. Additionally, Anchor Rock Hypnosis has a great technique that can be used to make unhealthy treats unpalatable to the individual. Through this process, the individual’s subconscious mind can associate the unhealthy food as being food they don’t like, making it easier to resist cravings and make healthier choices in the long term.
Overall, Anchor Rock Hypnosis offers a holistic approach to weight management that combines the power of hypnosis with a focus on healthy living and nutrition.
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Money Management

No investment advice is given, offered or inferred.
Chris has a wealth of knowledge to draw from and uses his expertise in mindset, budgeting, and discipline to manage money effectively.

Through his hypnosis sessions, Chris empowers clients to shift their mindset and beliefs about money, creating a positive relationship with finances. In addition he teaches valuable budgeting and discipline techniques to help clients make informed decisions about their priorities and how to set their goals.
If you’re ready to take control of your money and develop a healthy money mindset contact Chris now to chat about learning money management skills. Why don’t you book a free 15 minute call to see if we can work to solve your money management issues.

  • Stop Impulse spending
  • Personal budgeting

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Mindset coaching
  • Anger Management
  • Self confidence and Self Esteem
  • Career and Academic performance

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Amethyst Anchor Rock
Amethyst for peace

Did you see our Anchor Rocks?

These little gems fit neatly in your pocked or purse and can give you a lift whenever you need a boost.

Anchor Rocks are used to train you to associate chosen states like feeling happy, full of confidence, energetic, in focus or flow, feeling calm and more so that just by holding or touching your gem you instantly recall and enter that state.

Anchoring is a well used method taught to clients and patients by hypnotists and psychologists. Ivan Pavlov introduced us to anchoring when he began research into the reaction of his dogs to the sound of a bell that he rang at feeding time. When the bell rang the dogs began to salivate. Interestingly we can induce the same reactions in ourselves and my Anchor Rock Method makes it really easy for you to get all the great benefits.