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An Easy Relaxation Practice

A Relaxation Practice Guide

A Relaxation Practice script By Chris Stanton-Cook on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

A short guide to a Total Relaxation Practice session in minutes

This set of guidelines can be used for a quick five minute relaxation through to a lengthy and deep relaxation session.  For the latter you will need to add some more visualisations and plan your session a little more deeply.

After enjoying this relaxation practice I recommend you do not do anything that requires your full attention, (like driving, operating machinery or signing legal documents), for 10 minutes after you awaken to fully benefit from the session and to ensure you are fully alert when you return to daily activities.

Warning –
Sadly an important warning needs to be given for safety and legal reasons.
This process should not be done and the associated recordings must not be listened to while operating any machinery or doing anything that requires your attention.
While this exercise is considered very safe I need to advise that if you are undergoing any treatment for mental illness you should not continue unless cleared by your medical or psychological provider.
This relaxation process will take you into a trance and inhibit your ability to perform usual tasks for it’s duration and a short period after.
By continuing you acknowledge this warning and agree to follow the advice given and the publisher accepts no responsibility for any outcomes where this advice has not been followed.

Have fun and let yourself go so you can truly relax and feel refreshed.

  • find a quiet and comfortable place to sit
  • remove any possible distractions –
  • turn off your phone,
  • set your desk phone to “Do Not Disturb”,
  • close the door, and
  • any other ‘close outs” or distractions you can think of doing eg glasses, hearing aids,
  • first concentrate on your breathing for a minute or two,
    • feeling refreshed with each breath in  
    • releasing any stress or tension with each breath out
  • second allow your eyes to close and enjoy the sense of relaxation in the muscles around your eyes
  • realise that as these muscles become  more and more relaxed that by holding that relaxation your eyes will remain closed even if you try to open them while holding that relaxation (of course, you can open them any time you want but you’ll have to let go of the muscle relaxation in your eyelids to do that).
  • enjoy how nice it is to have relaxed eye muscles and how easy it is to have them closed
  • allow that relaxation to spread across your face,
    • notice how nice that feels as you let go any tension in the muscles of your face
  • then allow that relaxed feeling to spread to your scalp and then down your neck
  • let the sense of relaxation flow through your shoulders and arm right to your finger tips which might even have a nice tingling sensation as you relax deeper and deeper as you let go any tension your were holding
  • allow your torso to relax front and back and feel your organs and inner muscles soften and relax
  • allow the sensations of relaxation to flow now through your hips and down your legs to your toes
  • let any remaining tension flow out through your finger tips and toes
    • as though you are dipping them into a fresh clean and clear stream ….
      • letting all your cares and worries wash away
  • focus again on your breathing and notice how it has slowed (enjoy and repeat this for at least 6 breaths)
    • breathing in energy and good health
    • releasing any tension with each breath out
  • take time now to focus on something that is good, strong and enjoyable in your life
  • allow your mind to enjoy the great feelings associated with the good thing in your life
  • focus only on the good  ….   the positive ….
  • get in touch with the vision or memory and
    • really see it ….
    • hear the sounds ……
    • feel the sensations ……
    • take in the smell and tastes
  • really tune in and adjust
    • the brightness,
    • the colours,
    • the speed,
    • the volume,
    • the scents and tastes
  • stay here and enjoy the moment …
    • take as long as you need or as time permits
  • enjoy the relaxation ……………………..then ……..
    Relaxation practice in space
    When you’re ready you can return to your day or evening
  • The following script is a wakening process. If you do this practice to relax for sleep just deepen your relaxation and allow yourself to drift into a deep peaceful sleep.
  • focus again on your breathing for a minute or two (at least 6 breaths)
    • breathing in energy and good health
    • releasing any tension with each breath out
  • slowly become aware of your surroundings
  • allow yourself to gently tension and relax your muscles a few times
  • stretch out and take in some deeper breaths as your stretch
  • open your eyes feeling confident, relaxed and refreshed

Take a few minutes to fully awaken and have a refreshing glass of water.

A reminder form the top, I recommend not doing anything that requires your full attention, (like driving, operating machinery or signing legal documents) for 10 minutes after awakening to fully benefit and to ensure you are fully alert when you return to daily activities.

Once you have practiced this a couple of times you will find it much easier for it to flow.

A couple of minutes or half an hour or more of this relaxation will usually have you feeling quite refreshed.

Relaxation Recordings
Free Recordings for the Relaxation Practice script are available on request for hypnosis clients of Anchor Rock Hypnosis. For more information about the recordings, this relaxation practice and how you can incorporate other beneficial work into it please  Contact Chris

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