Instant emotion recall with an Anchor Rock

Anchor Rocks -Exceptional Emotional Resource

Instantly recall a desired Emotion or State with an Anchor Rock

Emotional states
Anchor Rock Gems

Anchor Rocks are a core part of my hypnosis which is tailored to deliver rock solid anchors for changes my clients seek. These gems provide a fun and enjoyable way to strengthen your positive emotions and build a strong emotional intelligence. A great way to lock in changes.

Anchor Rocks: Improving Quality of Life with Natural Therapies

Emotional states
Choose your mindset

Anchor Rocks are a fantastic way to help you instantly feel –

  • calm
  • happy
  • relaxed
  • grateful
  • confident
  • energetic
  • any emotion or state you have chosen to anchor to your little gem.

The most comforting and interesting aspect of this method is that it works.

I want to provide affordable options and resources anyone wanting to privately improve their quality of life. The Anchor Rock method is deeply rooted in the areas of NLP, Psychology, Hypnosis and metaphysical sciences. Anchor Rocks, small gem stones, are one of those affordable resources or “life helping gems” available here.

Understanding the Basics

The basic premise behind the use of Anchor Rocks is that of conditioning, as pioneered by Pavlov in his experiments with dogs. Just like a scent or a song can bring back nice memories and make you feel good, these triggers can be associated with emotions using Anchor Rocks.

Hypnosis can accelerate and strengthen the use of an Anchor Rock and enable the stacking of multiple anchors, allowing you to recall several or a single desired emotional state by using a trigger. Anchor Rocks can be that trigger and provide a tangible item to associate with a desired feeling or emotional state.

Natural Therapies with Gemstones

For some, the idea of using gemstones for emotional healing may seem strange, but it’s a practice that has been around for centuries and has been gaining more attention in recent years.

The gemstones used in Anchor Rocks are carefully selected and their natural therapy uses are noted for the interest and guidance of the user. Everything in the universe is made up of energy which is manifested in material form. This is where the intersection of metaphysics and psychology is occurring.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and private way to improve your quality of life, consider using Anchor Rocks as a tool for emotional healing and growth.

Need more information?

Visit the Anchor Rock page for more information on Anchor Rocks and how they can help you achieve your goals.

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