Three by Three: 3X3

3 X 3 – Three By Three – Anchoring Emotions

Three by Three only takes about 90 seconds 3 times a day.
A simple program for you which will enable you to touch, hear and see your world in a better way. If you want to use this technique in a more powerful way see Power Three by Three – 3X3 below.

Three by Three focuses your attention on positives.
I have no doubt you will feel better emotionally and physically by doing the 3 X 3 daily
I suppose you are wondering how do you do it now?
It’s easy.

Enjoying a moment of three by three gratitude.
Be grateful

Recall three experiences or observations, one at a time, that have made you

  • Smile, or
  • Laugh, or
  • Feel prosperous, or
  • Feel lucky, or
  • Feel confident, or
  • just feel positive about life

and then take time to really appreciate them.  Really recall the feelings and sensations of those moments, the sounds, the aromas, the scene,  Immerse yourself in those pleasant feelings and quickly energise and rejuvenate as you do when you feel so good.

You can really boost the effectiveness of this technique using my almost magical Anchor Rocks. These gems, once associated with good feelings, can instantly trigger the good feelings in you.

Contact Chris for assistance

Do the 3X3 three times a day, (more if you like) and notice your world becomes a better place.

Power 3 X 3 (Supercharge your Three by Three)

Boost the effectiveness of the 3 X 3 program by taking a little more time to really re-live those moments again.

For this boosted experience you need to understand a little about anchoring. Hypnotists use anchors to help people recall states of mind at will. An anchor can be a hand gesture like your right hand thumb and little finger touching, or an Anchor Rock or some other item that you can unobtrusively carry with you.

Anchoring is based on the work of Ivan Pavlov who discovered that the dogs he was working with would salivate when they heard a bell tone which was sounded at their meal times. We humans can be similarly conditioned and marketers use this fact to their advantage.

This Power Three by Three allows you to build a store of “good feeling” emotions which you can recall when you need by using your anchor. You first need to build a store of these feelings and build and replenish the store when you do the three by three

Build a rock solid anchor

Really –

  • see what you saw,
  • hear what you heard,
  • smell what you smelt,
  • taste what you tasted, and
  • really feel what you felt.

As the positive sensations and emotions begin to peak find an anchor that you can charge, like an Anchor Rock, or the knuckle at the base of you thumb or other finger, or some other item or spot on your body.
Hold the Anchor Rock or touch the spot until the sensations are just about to peak. Imagine watching a wave just before it breaks – that’s the point we’re looking for.
At that point release the Anchor Rock or spot or item and you will now have stored that positive charge from the experience in that place.

If you do this with all 9 positive experiences, (3 X 3 recalled each day), you will quickly develop a strong anchor that you can recall when you need a boost.

All you have to do is hold your Anchor Rock or touch the spot and the emotions and sensations will be recalled immediately, (just as hearing a song can transport you back to a pleasant memory and emotion from the past releasing this anchor will bring in the feelings you have anchored).

Anchoring with Anchor Rocks

In Hypnosis and NLP this technique is based on anchoring.

3 X 3 – Three by Three – At Work
Bring Three by Three to your work to work for you

A fantastic way to bring a great attitude to work

Imagine how wonderful your workplace is if everyone, including you, practice the 3 X 3 program.
The combined power would be amazing.
Imagine and feel the energy, the positive vibe, the relaxed atmosphere with everyone feeling better about the world.

This 1 hour program is supersized Fish – rapid results guaranteed.
Get positive feedback from staff or it’s free.

(Fish is about a Seattle based seafood business that has become world famous for it’s change in attitude by all staff at work. They chose to choose their moods – a great read, a great success story, highly recommended reading.)

Contact Chris and book a 3 X 3 program now.

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