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Anchor Rock Hypnosis strives to improve the lives of all who visit this site and use my services.

Almost anyone can learn to use hypnosis. Also, it’s a wonderfully safe skill that will assist you to benefit in all areas of your life.

Under hypnosis you always have control. You can leave trance any time you choose because it is a false belief that you are under the control of the hypnotist who really is nothing more than a guide.

Hypnotists offer suggestions, often in the way of metaphors, to assist your subconscious mind improve the way it operates. Hence, your interpretation of these suggestions depends on your belief systems and your commitment and desire for change in your life.

Your hypnotist seeks to open your mind to new ways of seeing to help you to achieve your goals.

Hypnosis sessions at ARH are tailored to you and your personality and this ensures great results because my flexible delivery moves with you. Every client is different and, while I use scripts, your responses guide how the session develops. I ensure that you will always feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you choose whether or not to remain in trance because then you will have the best results.
Remember, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

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